Drug Gang Disrupted in Argentina, LSD and Ecstasy Confiscated

first_imgBy Dialogo August 21, 2012 A drug trafficking organization that was transporting designer drugs into Argentina from Europe was disrupted by police after several raids, in which thousands of doses of LSD and ecstasy pills were seized, reported the Ministry of Security on Aug. 17. During the raids in the capital of Argentina and the province of Buenos Aires, the ecstasy powder obtained was an amount sufficient for the preparation of 7000 tablets, said Sergio Berni Secretary of Security. According to the officials, the raw material confiscated is valued at about two million pesos (about $ 430,000 U.S. dollars). Also seized were 76 plates with 68,000 microdoses of LSD, 3,600 ecstasy pills packaged for sale, 6 kg of marijuana, four marijuana plants being grown in a mobile greenhouse and artisanal products for the manufacture of tablets, said a statement from the portfolio. “The drugs were brought to Argentina from European countries”, said the judge hearing the case, Norberto Oyarbide, who announced that several people were arrested but declined to give details because the investigation is ongoing. The gang “was using young people as ‘tasters’ of the drug in order to know if the affect was really desirable and thereby be able to offer the local market a premium product line and not a pseudo narcotic”, according to the press statement. These practices produced serious poisonings in several of the young people who tasted the drug supplied by the gangs. The operation was dubbed “Operation Sassafras,” for the name of the plant from which the safrole oil is extracted which is used for the production of ecstacy’s raw material and grown in India and China.last_img

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