Ross Park Zoo offers Courtship Tails tour, couples learn about animal mating and courtship

first_img“We talk all about the mating rituals of animals we have here at the zoo as well as animals around the world,” said Rachel Peppard, Visitor Services and Membership Manager for the Ross Park Zoo. “The information quite literally ranges from G-rated information to PG-13 and R-rated information.” “We kind of talk about that and how we handle the breeding and reproducing of the animals that we have here,” Peppard said. Peppard said the tour isn’t just for fun as visitors also learn important information about conservation. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Courtship Tails tour at the Ross Park Zoo gave couples the chance to learn about animal mating and courtship Sunday. “We talk about how there is a plan for each animal pair if their genetics are strong enough then they are put on a breeding recommendation to reproduce,” she said. The tour also teaches visitors about how the staff keeps the animal population at the zoo going strong. Peppard said the Ross Park Zoo’s Courtship Tails tour is the only one like it in the area.last_img

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