My house, my SNS

genuine happy now spell seems better than the school fierce, who is really happy? Is the school? Is this Chen Yizhou? Or Kaixin001? We still can make nothing of it but there is one point, we can be sure, that is SNS market.

personally, I feel like a person like us if it is now to do what the big school, it is estimated that it is very difficult. Because this is the same as instant messaging, there is a very strong first entry. The later is generally very difficult to latecomers become the first school in the students. Now has been very popular, if we are to do a SNS that it is unlikely to be successful, it can’t we do SNS, that is not it, we have to do is find. A fulcrum of their own, from a small range, it can. I have always thought that SNS can fire, because SNS is a collection of a range of people.

graduated now, we are now very miss together, remember he had time at school, together with a group of friends dormitory crazy times, together with the night lying about, with a girl talk about the time, filled with a warm feeling. Because I miss, I thought other people should also have this kind of feeling, heart burst of joy, this is not I want to find the SNS user groups? Set up a dormitory for the combination of units, a dormitory for the bridge built a network. Made a decision to do a dormitory based SNS.

most of the SNS is now what is inside, in order to be fashionable, my SNS is called the house, which means that the story happened in the dormitory. When I consider the choice of the domain name for a long time, the final selection of the domain name, on the one hand we read is the meaning, a meaning also is see nei, is to see the meaning of it is to see the story in the dormitory. As for the program, needless to say, of course, is the use of UCHOME. Spent a night when I set up a good home, the template chose a set of blue style, the feeling of green campus. Their first registered two users, the first self satisfied. And with "bullying" method, I pulled the QQ above QQ friends registered. The facade of a website is finally propped up.

below is the promotion phase into the house. I thought about it carefully. And finally established the home network promotion program;

1 from my friends start to a dormitory as a breakthrough, I can contact the students included, the classmates to help registered, recommended to the other students, organized a network of relations. To achieve a going ten, of course ten chuan-100 effect, in order to encourage everyone to invite to his roommate, must give the recommended certain reward.

2 in order to be able to make it possible for everyone to come here to see the game

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