The function of blog circle to network promotion

is a network to promote own website construction and the content increased, the one hand is to make full use of network marketing resources outside, many resources are free, Network Marketing Institute Yang Tao ( that use these resources on our network promotion effect is obviously, will be easy to improve the effect of network promotion for us, to tell you the role of network promotion blog circle.

a blog circle to promote the introduction of

is now the main following portal blog circle, Sina blog circle, Sohu blogosphere, NetEase blogosphere, and other websites or industry website blog circle, which Sina blog can be added up to 100 cycles.

two, blog circle promotion effect

1, Bowen traffic

join the 100 circles, each published an article on the blog, will also appear in 100 the blogosphere, which some of the blogosphere tens of thousands of people, according to personal statistics, the average blogosphere will browse about 10 times now, plus its own blog traffic, each made a blog the traffic will reach about 100.

2, keywords optimization

in so many circles show our article, can add keywords optimization add a link on the web site, can also be added to our web site, at the same time there are about 100 external links, in addition to the blog circle after the weight will be higher, sometimes in these blog articles, than we even higher in the weight of their own website.

Improvement of

3 and PR


blog circle PR are 4 and 5, often send blog, blog circle PR will transfer to his blog, can quickly improve PR, greatly improve our these blog site PR and the weight of the role of late, the last write "one month time from PR0 to PR6" this is due to the early, there are many PR high non independent blog.

three, self built blog circle promotion

1, created by the blogosphere, for network promotion together popularity, when the circle of friends reached a certain number, the contents of the original blog is they can use the original, can also use the blog circles own network promotion service.


has its own control of the blogosphere, can promote the network inside, and rely on the search to flow, of course, very stable, but not pure advertising or some junk, so circle popularity will become increasingly low.

3, of course the blogosphere PR for the future network promotion is a big benefit, some sort of part of the blogosphere, these pages have very high PR, to improve their PR value also play a role of the circle.

blog circle as a blog aggregation platform >

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