The whole network layout strategy of new brand based on nternet consumer behavior


Taobao may be the preferred platform for traditional enterprises to do business, but many companies do not know Taobao search behavior is most transactions based on the transaction, and not all search big brands where the category will hold. Many training institutions are examples of women’s clothing industry, popular search thousands of, millions of…… The key words are numerous, and many new brand keyword categories except brand word outside can use only a handful of hundreds but thousands of words, all search words together every day may be less than 3000 of the search, but is also facing tens of thousands, millions of competing products, if only Taobao, Tmall, where brand new way these categories of


so we need the whole network layout to allow more people to see your brand, know your brand, trust your brand, buy your product!

the title of this article is based on the Internet consumer behavior of the new brand layout strategy of the whole network, since it is the strategy will therefore ignore some tactical issues. Let’s look at the Internet consumer behavior:

needs to collect information explicitly need to make decisions to buy – share

below we interpret these behaviors in detail:

needs: psychology, physiology, emotion…… This can’t be created.

collection of information clearly requires: first to explain a concept, need = to be able to pay (money, time, etc.) + needs, attention: not willing to be able to.

collect information clearly need to use the platform:

ask others: QQ group, QQ friends, micro-blog friends, WeChat friends, such as

independent search: search engines, professional forums, etc..

: in the process of gathering information, network will identify several issues to buy what kind of products (typical words: XX effect of the product), what price to buy (this is based on the user’s own income, shopping habits, the severity of the problem to decide where to buy (), which have XX products sold).

decision: when consumers make decisions from social platforms, third party evaluation to find reference to reduce the risk of shopping.

social platform: QQ, QQ group, etc..

third party evaluation: Taobao Tmall praise, quiz platform evaluation, third party evaluation platform, such as

1, Taobao: praise I will not say, poor (default according to the first evaluation of the priority, some category of a high level of priority) you can see their own categories and then put on the difference in assessment on.

2, evaluation of Q & a platform: Baidu know, know, Sogou quiz, quiz, 360 Sina know): evaluation of brand words, to do a good job in monitoring public opinion at the same time, ready to answer. Search ranking in front of a large row of the front row, so we should first start for strong yo..

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