2858 unlimited business network growth process

a chance, come to Anhui billion Baidu network technology company, its main business opportunities, and work on the inside, for me, is completely changed, my good friend is the boss of this company, the company’s operations is also only a few months, but the operation of the new ideas, at least in our District of Anhui, China Merchants join this is blank, not that many types of business, and we are all young people, young is the driving force, we stick together to go down.

for me this layman, do not know what is the network promotion, what is SEO (CEO is heard, since their), a new website issued, the first task is to promote their own website out, increase the click rate and visibility, the company’s website out. Let the enterprise and franchisees believe our website.

and my current company is to find some information to enrich the 2858 business platform, and the other is to focus on promotion:

first Internet search a lot of sites, find others is how to promote,


QQ mail promotion

technical department to send us the URL encoding 2858, then I will find a lot of email my friends on QQ and QQ group began to have some effect, every day can bring tens of IP, but there are a lot of letters was beaten back, because people QQ no, but for a long time it is reported, you send spam, almost under the Tencent Title Oh, really depressed! AD in the QQ group, the main group to remind you to repeatedly direct kick you out! Post Bar, Baidu know, Entrepreneurship Forum, the regional forum, such as the size of sina forums, experienced a number of titles, add black list, delete, IP etc., can be said that in addition to advertise in a veteran in battle, the Chinese Elite online, a lot of money, but the effect is always not good! Can bring some traffic every day, but not always , IP is only a small increase in the hearts of anxious ah, the company can not sit fast!

forum to promote

forum or other registered the domain name of the website, in the above method to post unlimited publicity, the results of the day is not easy to send dozens of daily IP, click rate is high or low, is always unstable, later being the moderator found easily, few will fix your post, had blocked you ID depressed, have a dead heart, the heart is not scold ah, now our website popularity is not high, only with the help of your forum. After the expansion, to ensure that you take the initiative to find us to promote.


technical director in the Admin5 forum wrote about 2858 opportunities net second days post, he told me, Chinese network owners started to upload his post, and random can link to our website, so the goal of the company is responsible for the promotion of every day at least keep an original post, also from the Internet to find the 20 modified post, to >

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