Network soft marketing effective marketing of small and medium enterprises under the crisis

in the face of the global economic slowdown, many small and medium enterprises in trouble, the development of the road is not smooth. Network marketing with its precision marketing, cost-effective features have been favored by many small and medium enterprises. More and more enterprises realize the importance of network marketing, which is an important tool for enterprises to survive in the crisis. Crisis, "crisis" and "machine" coexist. The enterprise began to find and seize opportunities for development, supplemented by network marketing to promote products or services, enterprises can survive on contrarian.

network marketing why so hot? Were a few years ago, a lot of enterprises informationization operation is poorly understood and even conflict, and now have to establish the enterprise website, e-commerce, network marketing is gradually accepted by more and more enterprises. Although the hot network marketing can not hide the embarrassment behind, but this low cost, wide coverage of the product promotion is still highly respected enterprises. In the new economic situation, who can grasp the pulse of the network marketing, who will be able to obtain winning opportunities.

access to the Internet in China, but only 15 years time, the construction site suddenly like a night of spring breeze, the development rate is very alarming. Quick capture opportunities is essential skill of enterprise, enterprise website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in early twenty-first Century have been established. Many bosses are claiming their own business into the Internet era. Although the simple "brick" the corporate website is only a few pictures and a few words to build up, but business owners began to dream of their own "cottage" may lead to the "Golden Phoenix", after all, the global online sales once known as $100 billion, so big market who want to share a cup of soup.

not to mention the construction of a website is very simple, as long as the registration of a domain name, renting the site space, but a thousand dollars invested, the money is believed to be the basic responsibility for most enterprises. At the same time, many service providers have launched a series of economic construction packages, such as leading soft marketing services provided from soft Chinese, domain name, space station, integration of network marketing, the whole series of packages only 1888 yuan a year, spending a small investment can help small and medium enterprises their own global websites on the Internet, the global network marketing.

however, according to the survey, at present a lot of enterprises are built site seems to indulge in self-admiration embarrassment. Many companies in addition to attracting a large number of sites to sell the phone, it seems that there is no other role, Golden Phoenix and a cup of dream has long been dried in memory. Many enterprise website disrepair, in addition to the master, and no one else to enjoy.

The reason

, insiders pointed out that the enterprise network marketing website only the first step, if the latter does not do the promotion and maintenance of effective corporate website, became a "decoration", cannot bring benefits for the enterprise. China nets that must be carefully managed enterprise website built, and update maintenance, otherwise it is easy to drown in the multitude of Internet information. Of course, if you can arrange a professional network marketing

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