Lack of competition in the tiger Valley

The first Chinese search engine optimization (SEO) contest & duhugu SEO contest has near the end, in five months time, there are about hundreds of sites involved in the race, this duhugu blog is one of them, from the beginning of the game mentality, and later spent some effort, is currently ranked can accept, after all is not a professional SEO, or not the occupation of SEO, optimization is also a hobby.

  soon the game, this blog will do a summary for the game itself, that is the reader can also talk rubbish or nonsense, I have summarized is not good, it is limited.

, from the competition, to win the era of marketing, SEO forum and game preparation work is not done.

  1, the lack of preparation of performance is not clear in the web page request, some sites may be a long time station site, congenital weight is good, the overall size of the site has been relatively large. And some of the domain name has been raised for several years. Compared to the newly registered domain name, there is a considerable advantage.

  2, less than two of the preparation of the rules of the judge, how to cheat, what is cheating, a long time without specific instructions, if the malicious attack site, how to judge? Can not give a technical argument.

  3, lack of publicity of registration from the beginning to April 18th months, registration contest website is estimated to be one hundred or so, with hundreds of thousands of individual owners of the Chinese site groups, only a few hundred sites to participate, should not be a success. Website optimization search engine optimization is not highbrow, is a basic skill for a lot of people are supposed to have, too few participants, only shows that in the overall planning, from the ongoing publicity, are inadequate.

  4, duhugu SEO contest propaganda is insufficient, only through several blogs, have a certain understanding in the webmaster circle, but for ordinary users, business customers, basically no coverage from the SEM conference organizers, is likely to cost reasons, may also be other problems. Of course, it is not the climax of the time, if in the remaining half a month time, good planning, publicity, influence will be ten times as much as the current state.

  5, Dianshizhai. Contribution to the SEO is not in doubt, but should gradually out of the small circle, to do publicity at this big platform, based on the perspective of network marketing, the target from the webmaster, transfer to the corporate world. And the stone age should win is one, although the planned duhugu game is a very good marketing method, but how to observe the potential. (tiger Valley blog copyright, reprint please keep the link)

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