Hui wo B+ financing 150 million yuan nternet plus preschool Unicorn show

in April 18, 2016, at the Beijing National Convention Center, held a news conference Hui Wo financing, Oriental Hui wo CEO Zhang Kang announced Fosun brothers capital, get a good future 150 million yuan B+ round of financing Wo Hui new round of financing, valuation reached 1 billion. Round of financing, the valley of capital as exclusive financial adviser.


was founded in 2012 the Hui wo had already obtained three rounds of financing: October 2012 received several million Angel round of financing in 2014; received millions of dollars A round of financing in 2015; a good future, YY’s 120 million yuan also stock capital and other five institutions B round of financing.

Hui Wo network founder and CEO Zhang Kang said at the press conference, after this round of financing, Hui wo will fully build ecosystem composed of technology, preschool education content, teaching services and kindergarten channel; at the same time, wo Hui will also set up a fund industry, help the team to grow high-quality content, the layout of the whole industry of preschool education chain.

Internet plus preschool education ecosystem model of 1 billion yuan valuation

at present, the field of investment in education gradually downward, Hui Wo contrarian financing of hundreds of millions of dollars, the valuation reached 1 billion yuan, the reason is that the construction of the Hui wo Internet plus preschool education to preschool education ecosystem strategy to meet the expectations of kindergarten needs and a new generation of parents.

Oriental Hui wo CEO Zhang Kang said at the press conference: "children’s education as the category of basic education, the reform of kindergarten teaching service channel, technology, and the quality of kindergarten education content of one of the four to build a new era of preschool education, Kindergarten Based on ecological, only channel technology, service and quality education of kindergarten teaching content at the same time to force to build a complete ecological education."

according to the information disclosed in the Hui Wo, wo Hui now and dozens of domestic and foreign high-quality educational resources providers exclusive cooperation, and establish a standard integrated system, can let teachers master the teaching method is rapid, with good baby product family as the carrier, the content of education has entered Hui Wo about 100000 classrooms, let millions of children and parents to learn the content of education quality.

kindergarten as the place of education quality education, content resources are just kindergarten, Hui Wo series of products in addition to the use of more insight into the principals, teachers and parents, also by way of big data excavation rigid demand pain points for all users of the service and quality education, the integration of teaching content, so that wo Hui series products will have the low scenario into high frequency usage scenarios.

open sharing fertile fertile increasingly improved

mobile Internet era, the sharing of the economy has become a trend, open, borderless and other mobile Internet has become a new economic characteristics, people’s behavior presents a mobile Internet technology led interactive participation features. As Kevin · and Kelly put it, "anything that can be shared."

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