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with the advent of the Internet era, China’s traditional media invariably affected by different magnitudes. The various enterprises on the line to bring us the late thinking.

from 2000 to 2004, the small and medium-sized enterprises have established their own independent website immediately, the enterprise has the website is no ground for blame in order to protect the brand, and establish their own position in the network at all costs. The small and medium-sized enterprise website? Not to say that there is a mistake, but can say is a kind of blind herd.

a company in accordance with the local market, the establishment of their own site costs less than 5000 yuan, which is higher than the annual cost of $1000. But how much revenue they receive from the Internet? I have a corporate customer site message version, a year only 20 to bar (including their employees’ message, online orders of 5. Said it will take into account the late network promotion did not do. Just think, what can be suitable for small and medium enterprises do not spend a lot of money and can get good publicity effect, can be said that they request there are two roads, one, the purchase of search engines and rankings. Two, the landing of industry website, borrow to comfort myself.

Alibaba, Chinese manufacturing network is the typical BtoB website, 2000 2001 Chinese know Alibaba, manufacturing network was born, three or four years has brought infinite vitality to the Chinese BtoB market, their foothold on the enterprise is China directly, for the sake of China enterprise, for the sake of Chinese products. Many enterprises are willing to join in can get good returns directly, than a website of your own to the more practical problem, but can not avoid the cost of many small businesses is not acceptable, so that they can not afford a year million of the cost.

Dangdang bookstore, eachnet.com frequent pop-up ads in the network to promote their own, let almost all net remember their names, their BtoC model to facilitate the national network, but also to let everyone know to the internet. But the security problem is involved in the network is not deep love forever.

as long as a serious look at the simple analysis, I think a lot of people are aware of their strengths and weaknesses in

local industry website, as the name suggests is the establishment in the area within the scope of the industry website, each of the local real people will understand that their city without the existence of such sites, the current market, this website has not been a very good development, the main reason is that the regional industry limit their development.

analysis I have this kind of website " Xuzhou online gift city " for example, we can refer to this station to a deeper understanding of the prospects for the development of local industry website.

site positioning analysis:

in Xuzhou for the gift industry businesses, to provide consumers with gift display, gift information, >

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