Liverpool Mayor asks to investigate Anfield’s match

first_img“The Government must assume responsibility for not closing earlier”And it is that, as the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the current director of public health in Liverpool, Matthew Ashton, as ex, John Ashton, Rotheram does not hesitate to re-qualify as a tremendous “mistake” allowing the journey of the red and white fans to the town on March 11 (three days later in Spain a state of alarm would be declared). “Dmust be analyzed, and needs the government to assume some responsibility for not closing earlier“the mayor settled on this party, which will continue to kick. 43 days after the game continues the controversy around Liverpool-Atlético second round of the Champions League. The authorities have placed the magnifying glass on it and link it to the increase in cases of coronavirus in the town. Mayor Steve Rotheram, who already criticized him in his day, is now calling for an independent investigation to establish a possible connection to an increase in cases of the disease in Liverpool since then. “If people have contracted coronavirus as a direct result of a sporting event we believe that shouldn’t have taken place, well that’s outrageous“he stated on the BBC. “We have seen an increase in the infection curve, and that resulted in 1,200 people in Liverpool contracting COVID-19“he counted. “That needs to be investigated to find out if some of those infections are directly due to Atlético fans. There were hot coronavirus cities, and Madrid was one of them,” he said. “They were not allowed to congregate in their own country, but 3,000 of those fans came to ours. and they could possibly have spread the coronavirus, “he argued as well. last_img

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