Medical keywords blog promotion strategy

believe that the blog to promote medical SEOER will be very familiar with Sina blog and 39 blog.

1, Sina blog: ranking is very impressive, basically every popular word keywords to the home page blog can show my face.

2, 39 blog: as the highest relevance of the blog type, medical SEOER is love and hate, love is the only high correlation blog, hate is not linked.

More than two

on the blog, the blog promotion to herd fish summed up the following points:

1, the main keywords blog:

ranking difficult sprint to the home page. But keep the main keyword blog intermittent updates can keep the main keywords, with the preparation of the Baidu update broke out to the home page.

2, long tail keywords do blog:

can be quickly effective, long tail word competition page for classified information, but Baidu needs a small blog phase of the review period, the problems are divided into the blog was included, the blog page was included, blog articles are included)

3, blog platform:

Sina blog can be quickly ranked in the short term, the article can link anchor text, strong autonomy. Blog marketing decoration

39 blog ranking is very slow, sprint ranking need time precipitation that blog age. Article links that can not be displayed in the foreground, poor autonomy.

4, blog marketing decoration:

blog marketing decoration is the most important, because the first blog to have a ranking, and the introduction of the rankings after the flow, the flow into the consultation or the introduction of the station is our ultimate goal.

Sina blog: add links to the home page, consulting links, hospital profiles and other marketing content filling.

39 blog: only in the blog home page on the hospital’s pure text URL and links.

5, blog update rules:

article only relevance, what brand keyword articles will not send. Keep one day or two days a day, and sometimes a three day is a more reasonable update frequency. At first, without hyperlinks, with the stability of the blog, coupled with the hyperlink and anchor text is the ultimate goal. Can be a week 2-3 links as a benchmark.

6, blog ranking:

even if the blog ranking in the first second pages, is not happy. Must be on the front page and best to fight the top three.

reason is very simple: just like a marathon, you do your best to run to the end of the distance only 1 meters away. And you won’t be able to get a certificate on the podium. And we do it in addition to the blog is to transfer the weight of the link, there is a home to show.

so there is no ranking to the home page of the blog is not passed.

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