Peach Baidu keywords high network marketing to walk the path of diversification

with the departure of Google, Baidu’s dominance of the situation has not ushered in the same heavyweight challenger, Baidu keyword advertising price soared. In fact, Baidu keyword price is the inevitable result of vicious competition in the market and Baidu deliberately cultivate. Baidu Baidu bidding is the main source of revenue, Google’s exit is to let the domestic search engine marketing without competition situation, at present, the dog will be, like search, search and other search engines can not meet the requirements of enterprise network marketing, Baidu keyword in the expected price rise.

face the rising price of Baidu keyword, but there is no propaganda so efficient returns, search engine marketing has come to an awkward intersection. Network marketing is exhausted? Search engine marketing should be how to do? I think not to doubt this, search engine marketing, also need not to doubt the great prospect of network marketing, but should be diversified layout reflection network marketing problems. To get rid of this dependence, the best way is to take the path of diversification of network marketing.

in the rapid development of network marketing today, we want to put the eggs in different baskets, in order to ensure that the problem will not be a basket of all the eggs can not receive. Only through the diversification of network marketing methods and the integration of marketing services, in order to ensure that the enterprise network marketing operations to produce a more reasonable and greater benefits and returns.

with the development of network marketing, network marketing is constantly updated, and the channel operation are constantly expanding, such as the rise of emerging soso, Sogou search engine, precision marketing scale growing, new community marketing, SNS marketing is also in constant color, more in the way of integrated marketing changing the pattern of network marketing. So, we want to change the layout of the network marketing, network marketing to take the path of diversification.

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