Amazon fresh new year’s target Australia Southeast China yiguoduan


] February 6th news billion state power network, billion state power network to the latest from the foreign media was informed that the Amazon fresh service to enter Amazon Fresh, Chinese Australia and Southeast Asia market.

Amazon Fresh is a cautious and slow business in Australia, goods and logistics are proprietary, in 2007 in the United States to test the water in Seattle, in 2010 to enter the United Kingdom and Japan in small scale, in the United States in 2013 to promote.

insider told Australian media Inside Retail Weekly revealed that Amazon Fresh is preparing to enter the Australian market. However, Australia is only a small part of the new version of the map.

had been reported in the media, Amazon will be at the beginning of this year in Singapore will launch Prime and AmazonFresh have started hiring fresh service, HR, procurement, logistics and other related staff also bought refrigerated trucks and other assets. Under this pressure, the Southeast Asia’s largest electricity supplier Lazada also announced the acquisition of Singapore online grocery Redmart.

informed sources said that Amazon will move to Singapore, Australia and Southeast Asia, another is located in the center of Vietnam will help to other Southeast Asian countries and China parts of Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia are regarded as the target market.

to support the Australian market in Singapore is a regional strategy to minimize costs, because the latter’s manpower costs too high. "Amazon will try to buy locally and cut costs, but if it has to be imported from abroad, it will choose Singapore, not the United States," he said. The inventory in Singapore, the Australian consumer orders, and then shipped from singapore."

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