‘Forced to rape each other’: Australian navy cadets reveal details of sexual abuse during training

first_imgCadets from Australian Navy have given graphic details to a Royal commission about the horrific sexual abuse they claim they were put through during training.Apart from being “forced to rape one another”, cadets said their initiation rituals included practices like smearing shoe polish on genitals, which was called “blackballing”, and thrusting their heads into toilets and flushing them, calling it “royal flush”.Such treatments, they recall, were described as a “rite of passage” and meant to “make a man” out of them. Those who protested were told to “suck it up”.’Forced to suck another recruit’s penis’One of the former navy members said he was “snatched” from his bed at night and sexually abused several times during the training.”On multiple occasions I was snatched in the middle of a night and dragged to a sports oval,” he told News.com.The unnamed member said he was “forced to suck another recruit’s penis or lick a junior recruit’s anus”.”Other times, I was forced to have anal intercourse with junior recruits or I was raped by another junior recruit who was directed to do so by the older recruits or base staff.”‘Teenager driven to suicide’The Royal commission also heard the details of a teenage girl’s death who committed suicide after she “was threatened” over having a sexual relationship with an instructor.The 15-year-old recruit, Eleanore Tibble, is said to have had a sexual relationship with a 30-year-old instructor, for which she was threatened with a dishonourable discharge for “fraternisation”.advertisementFollowing this charge, Tibble is said to have killed her in 2000 at the age 16.Eleanore Tibble. Source: Family handout’Tortured to the extent of fainting’Graeme Frazer, a former cadet who joined the navy at the age of 16, said he was made to run along a corridor while other cadets threw at him bags filled with irons, boots and other heavy items.He was put through this torture until he fainted.Frazer, one of the 14 surviving witnesses who will be giving evidence at the commission, said he was also told the abuse was a “rite of passage in the real navy.”He added that the commission was described as “a symbolic day that marks the end of 49 years of torment”.The Royal commissionThe Royal Commission was launched in 2012 following over 2,4000 complaints.Since then, it has heard from over 111 people who claimed to have experienced sexual, physical and mental abuse at the Australian Defence Force (ADF).Apart from the ADF, the commission has also heard horrific accounts of abuse suffered at religious institutions, schools, children’s homes, sporting academies, and even charities like the Salvation Army.The two-week long hearing on the abuse allegations at ADF began on Tuesday. Since the cadets were mostly teenagers, the case falls under child sexual abuse as well.Also read: French troops forced CAR girls to have sex with a dog Also read: Pentagon report shows big jump in sex crimes in militaryAlso read: South Sudan allows soldiers to rape women as part of their salarylast_img

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