A week electricity supplier inventory vertical mixed business wars triggered at any moment

price war or will be staged again actively preparing for the electricity supplier

the United States online "eulogy" push "by the electricity supplier strongest anniversary month, suning.com issued a" youth declaration "to deal with the global" price war ", the Jingdong store force secretly preparing for war, fast and easy" to pick three "launched the whole network parity, more dangdang.com, shop No. 1, Lasafo and jumei.com and other commercial enterprises also have a promotional frenzy in April. Probably tasted the sweetness of the 8.15 electricity supplier last year, the electricity supplier optimistic about the May Day holiday promotion, just in April there is a very strong smell of gunpowder, many media evaluation of this electricity supplier war inevitable.

electricity supplier giant crazy enclosure intended to snatch service provider resources

business services business groups to the stage, the electricity supplier as the other leg, have launched their own service platform to improve their business layout, this is also a high following the logistics after the. Since 2012, Tmall, Jingdong, Alibaba, Dunhuang and other electricity supplier companies began to build an open platform for electricity supplier services, thereby activating the so-called end to end service chain, creating a new revenue model. As an electronic business platform, which is in itself to serve the seller and the buyer, the electricity supplier platform to launch the service provider of service projects, is an improvement in the development of electricity providers.

Where the

accelerated IPO strategic rapid transformation

recently where more information, find PSY Mourinho do endorsements, teamed up with the Lining processing inventory, the establishment of mobile innovation division, the signs in Eslite is to accelerate IPO. At present, the domestic vertical electricity supplier suffered unprecedented difficulties, whether it is marketing model or development prospects are not very optimistic, there are a number of vertical electricity supplier failures. For long-term development, some businesses are in transition, where the customer is the most active as a businessman. The relevant media reports, or where the customer will be transformed into "brand + retail" model, BELLE online yuzuo.

department store supermarket or the impact of the transformation of the retail industry

with the development of the electricity supplier, the boom continued sweeping the industry line, is closely related to the local traditional department stores or supermarkets will have a greater impact and, in order to meet the majority of Internet users are formed out of consumption habits and saves operating cost of O2O model is the best choice for many local department store supermarket. But in operation, such as the electricity supplier but in Renrenle 100 a difficult stage. Media public opinion questions, traditional retail business in the future will really be replaced by online supermarkets do?

wine electricity supplier profit growth is expected to

day before the brewmaster network and the product is still wine net release information, said sales in 2012 compared with the previous growth of huge scale, brewmaster network IPO has been put on the agenda, the product is still wine net sales in 2012 the size of nearly 300 million yuan, the momentum of rapid development. The two representatives of the vertical development of liquor electricity supplier, indicating that the market has sufficient room for development. There are alcoholic electronic business sources, said the electricity supplier 10 years

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