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Why not fully included website classification page

Posted in auhyzzlh on August 30th, 2017

third: the chain distribution is not uniform. A web site might have a lot of different page classification, but usually webmasters may not pay attention to the construction problem of the chain, so easily lead to the chain is not uniform, the weight of the site classification is not uniform, so in the spider crawl the site, may not be high on a weight classification of web pages is too small as a result, the phenomenon is not sufficient. The construction of such factors needs the webmaster increase in the chain. For large sites, may be more page classification, but the site overall weight is limited, it should try to allocate the weights in the main chain website, improve the classification, to improve the collection of main page classification. read more

Those things on the HTML5 and the Shanghai dragon can bring more traffic to you

Posted in ronplzeq on August 30th, 2017

this goes back to a real problem, namely the Internet browser is not very good at the support of each HTML5 function. For example, although the Safari browser supports HTML5 video, but does not support the location of video based on API. If you have a local site, depending on the local traffic, a user location recognition function is particularly important, if you easily convert your site to HTML5, you may lose this function.

If the

four: we recommend that you use HTML5 for other reasons, not because of Shanghai dragon read more

Discussion on how to calculate the unit cost for the love of Shanghai

Posted in wseypavp on August 28th, 2017

general staff bidding (SEMer) will love Shanghai for statistical consumption, website IP, PV, the number of clicks, click on the bounce rate, average price, click rate, effective rate of dialogue, leaving power rate, home rate and turnover rate etc.. There are some statements such as plan cost, unit cost, cost of keywords, products and services sold and the cost of monomer consumption cost (I work in a hospital, so we have a door to examine cost and cost), there is little to statistics. But these things are very important. Then the following focuses on unit cost accounting read more

Explain in detail the application of the long tail keywords in the field of electronic commerce

Posted in xsaanadb on August 28th, 2017

2. by some of the platform in WEB2.0 to love, know Shanghai is the long tail keywords best mining platform, we can go to the platform users are more concerned about what the problem, and to solve problems.

4, the long tail keywords in e-commerce websiteThe concept of

sports shoes! We believe that ?

2, how to excavate the long tail keywords

if we are to do sports shoes, our long tail keywords will not be limited to, the brand word + sports shoes, sports shoes size, fashion shoes, sports shoes and so on. These words I believe we all know what to do. Now I give you about a few words, if you think this is the long tail keywords sports shoes is not read more

nfluence of the chain and Links on site

Posted in nhlnlkaw on August 27th, 2017

you do not know the webmaster, have not heard of such a sentence: "the flow of content for the emperor king," "the chain for the king, for the emperor", is very popular on the Internet, Ouyang think the latter meaning is very big. You can think about it, the flow come from? Depends on the website ranking, website ranking do go by what? The content of the original, and the chain! Just come, after doing a website, the rest is released and widely promotion and Shanghai dragon. Ouyang found a lot of friends love to the forum issued outside the chain, engage in a month outside the chain, but by second months, the chain didn’t? Ranking has not gone up. What is the matter? This is when you’re anxious. The results of a look back, you in the forum’s basic connection has been deleted. Therefore, the hair of the chain to speak skills, first look at your fellow standing outside the chain from what place, his chain in the pages where you go to release it again. Try not to pay attention to the thread, the chain didn’t what to love and not included with K out of the sea especially big opportunity. Not the best post to attract people from your web site. Don’t you think that the chain of multi ranking can go up. May you outside of the chain than you in front of you there are a number of websites. But the source of the chain weight people higher than you. Recommend A5, laggards forum, weight is very high! I do website, after I was in A5 for Links place made a post.. After 3 hours of love show included my station in Shanghai. > read more

How to use micro-blog to the website of Shanghai Longfeng work

Posted in auhyzzlh on August 27th, 2017


micro-blog has introduced and personal material options that these materials will be indexed by search engines, in personal material, clarify oneself at the same time, also choose the appropriate opportunity to fill in the keyword optimization, enhance the probability of search engines, micro-blog personal content and materials adhere to good correlation, enhance the search engine grab also won’t let your audience feel bored. When do micro-blog optimization, keyword selection is important, but about our audience, the most effective and valuable information, it is important that the implementation is on the one hand, and others insist on interaction, is also essential to share with others, good content, your attention will naturally be compared high, will also improve my lively degree, then you will get to the implementation of. read more

Case analysis education online site a month thousands of traffic

Posted in dvpofysu on August 12th, 2017

Links for our keywords rankings have very good results, but also can transfer the weight to the US.

statement about the need, the site is not a new online site, this site has been on the line there is a stage, but the flow has been stuck in the two digit. The flow shown in the figure above changes this month, at the same time the author does not increase the flow through informal channels what brush up, we can see from the PV data of the corresponding increase in the proportion of. At present, the flow of the site tends to slightly increase, the current has reached about two thousand IP, so how to make education site traffic fast? In this article the author will briefly share some experience of the site optimization. read more

Four kinds of methods for software bugs outside the chain

Posted in ronplzeq on August 12th, 2017

forum three, the group chain to maintain the diversity of the chain, don’t do some type of forum nail that is very childish, you can register, a batch of DX1.5 forum or DX2 forum, after some posts, and some registered type PHPWIND forum, then send some post, then then some registered type BBSMAX Forum, then send some posts, you can also register uch>

, a forum outside the chain. There is no doubt that the forum is almost the most source of all site outside the chain, www.chong贵族宝贝 in Shanghai Longfeng Information Center, before the articles are mentioned forum signature, also mentioned how to find a good forum, here I teach you a good way to let you quickly find the weight is high, included fast forum. For example: we are looking for how to use mass software, what mass software, you love Shanghai search "software" four words, row in front of the 10 page of the forum basic is seconds forum, then you analyze what are the characteristics of these forums, write a rule, and joined the group of software keyword to software bugs crawl resources, to capture these forums. Then a register to post, then you found your speed you absolutely shocking! So you can fall in love with the sea behind the hot list, to find the relevant news, as a keyword, add rules for grasping, continue to grab resources consolidation subdivision if you know the rules, can go to study search engine first grammar. Get to know. read more

Analysis of the real reason for the old station ranking as the roller coaster

Posted in niwgfmlp on August 12th, 2017

second: competitor analysis whether the ranking is also very unstable

old station in the past data and experience to optimization revealed some traces, the author of the old station, the last ranking has not been going up, there is no Shanghai dragon professional personnel to maintain, the author took the station immediately after the modification of some unreasonable places, such as the anchor text too much, there are some dead links etc.. Optimization of the old station as early as possible, such is the number, but the feeling is not easy to start the optimization, while the old station accumulated a certain weight, but this old station started not to love what a good impression of Shanghai. Want to get a good ranking nature is not easy, in the past have not been right down, this is not to say. This enterprise the station outside the chain of more, but now the outer chain data, there is not necessarily a good ranking, I take a closer look at the "tooth roller crusher" the word love Shanghai the first page of the website, almost all site outside the chain of data is very limited, but the chain quality is not good. Now do not love love Shanghai outside the chain of data too many websites, especially the garbage outside the chain of many small and medium enterprises station. read more

520 love events in Shanghai and Shanghai officials love

Posted in fopxwetn on August 12th, 2017

1, 520

3, 520 love Shanghai event to discuss

4, 520 love Shanghai love Shanghai event officially

520 love Shanghai after the incident, the Internet website forum: CHINAZ, A5, WHY etc. Shanghai Longfeng people keep telling yourself at the same time in the website ranking disappear to denounce the love Shanghai, but also a lot of people start the analysis: love is not the Shanghai algorithm? Love is not artificial intervention to increase Shanghai? Love is not to force the Shanghai enterprise must take the bidding way? And constantly refresh information. I think that these stars are not unreasonable, first of all, every love Shanghai update algorithm will have a considerable part of the site of Shanghai sacked; second love in order to ensure their own interests must be on some sites and put pressure on the manual intervention (manual intervention from a certain angle of view is also good, but also to maintain the harmony of the Internet, for example, the government must give priority to the school website ranking); finally, through this event so that more companies no longer rely too much on the Shanghai dragon, the network marketing focuses on bidding, but also increase the confidence to the existing auction customers will completely some enterprises want to turn to the idea of Shanghai dragon killed in the cradle. read more

Analysis of search engine based on what ranking website

Posted in zksweugm on August 12th, 2017

four, website age: believe site age like people, older people to do a job more often than younger people are more likely to be trusted, the same content appears in the new site and the old site of the treatment of nature is also different.

two, the chain: content is king, the chain for the emperor is Shanghai dragon recognized term, we pay attention to in the quality at the same time, not buried outside the chain of this big cake. In the Internet to organize more and more strict garbage information era, the construction of the chain webmaster will increase a lot of difficulty. read more

Group purchase website optimization experience, site optimization extreme

Posted in vagwindm on August 12th, 2017


title writing is essential:

recently I worked in an electricity supplier company, the face is not a can control its own website, and a killer is on the original site: the company will carry on the revolutionary change, including the site title, URL, content. As can be imagined, the consequences are incalculable.


  Search engine optimization

the weight of H1 is the highest, is the title page of the article, this center title can only be used once, the author use H1 tags on each page of the shop store name, shop name is a good long tail keywords, is also the center of the page of words. read more

A5 marketing standardization of website optimization webmaster to comprehensive analysis

Posted in reqtqoas on August 12th, 2017

below is a different URL, but is actually a page.

URL refers to the same file:

so, why write this article? The reason is: A5 marketing to customer website usually in the process of Shanghai dragon diagnosis, found on the website of standardization problems. Thus, very little understanding of the customer. The standardization of knowledge points, even some webmaster do not know what this is. So, in order to let more webmaster to learn this knowledge, A5 marketing team Shanghai dragon write a standardized comprehensive analytical. If you find this article helpful to oneself, also please feel free to share to other stations in learning read more

A recently fell in love with some of the latest changes in sea price bidding Guan Jian word ranking

Posted in nhlnlkaw on August 12th, 2017

well, for it looks quite long enough, here straight into it, because previously also wrote several articles on the bidding article, so the change is no longer love Shanghai previously described, introduced some changes in June 28 Shanghai K station after love love Shanghai but the price of it, although the price bidding and Shanghai dragon it seems not, but after bidding and Shanghai Phoenix are in Shanghai love products, so naturally in synchronous adjustment.

is the first centralized analysis, fast optimization, the love of Shanghai customer service staff repeatedly reminded me, and then I try to go in, is in love with the sea that you account for important words to help you out, then marked the bid. read more

An excellent website of Shanghai dragon how to prevent the site right down

Posted in usaewrcm on August 12th, 2017

first, as the site of the optimization, before we must optimize the site to determine the site of the architecture and key words, once determined not easy to modify. The structure of the web site we invited reasonable layout. To see from the customer’s point of view, the architecture will reasonably comfortable with more people willing to stay on this website. Secondly, key words about the website, the website keyword must conform to the site of the product or service requirements. We can see from the Shanghai love index information we choose web site keywords heat. The choice of words is very important, reasonable selection of general keywords, there will be a lot of users find your site through the keyword index. Therefore, we set up the website, choose to advance to establish a good website structure and and keywords. Once the selection will be fixed, not easy to change, or love Shanghai included tools, think this website you can not be trusted, nature will give you the cold. The web site is down right is a very natural thing. After a period of time after, look at your website, the website to start until the stable rankings included. read more

Education and training content of the construction of website optimization experience points

Posted in mgxagtxu on August 12th, 2017

second, the release should also pay attention to time update. Many owners engaged in the operation and optimization of Taobao, Taobao update all know baby is time, time is on the shelf baby ranking important factors, our website does not have such stringent requirements, but also can not ignore the site update time, for example, our students are the general education industry website later in the morning 9 points will be gradually increased, there is a lot of course is to be preheated in advance, such as the opening details this afternoon tomorrow may even in the morning to update the new classes, what time what the content of education industry website performance very most incisive classes of information announcement, released before the opening, the opening of the scene and released class students photo real renderings, commenced after the release of student notes, all this is for real, in order to attract the attention of consumers. read more

mprove the site’s ranking is the best way to use blog

Posted in wseypavp on August 11th, 2017

Everyone must have a

website about 50-100 blog blog, this thing is very good, not only can increase the chain also can bring some traffic to your blog, but this thing is very stable, particularly those of the product promotion website! Blog also want to pay attention to methods, after the blog ranking you, the appropriate add your site or products, such flow naturally to your website, I was the Dalian network marketing blog, every day there are 30-50 IP about IP, although rarely, but we do not address this blog Dalian network marketing blog, but for our own website. Make your site have a better ranking and flow, let more people perceive their own website. read more

An excellent website doctor how to correctly diagnose website

Posted in dtmtmatt on August 11th, 2017

lack of knowledge or knowledge of the Shanghai dragon network, most of the time is no start for the diagnosis of sites, some of the money had to let others for their own diagnosis website. The author believes that in fact diagnosis can be done completely, now the author according to their own to do a year of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis experience to the diagnosis of the site owners do not understand some advice.

diagnosis: one is to look at the overall site on

means that, when the site there is a problem, do not stare at a detail view, if the site is down the right, we can think of: content, chain, server, code, Trojan and other issues, this time one by one, and through our improvement to observe what a the work is a problem, it was possible to avoid the site to drop right after. read more

How fast do Google keywords

Posted in auhyzzlh on August 11th, 2017

has a thing that has made me wonder whether there is a station (buy Network) I watch it for a long time, he is a new station, was probably not too long, but I do not know what a few days ago, it was a keyword "best" do what medicine reducing weight to the Google home page that is how to do it? You can go to Google about the "best" what medicine reducing weight check, front page seven or eight position, pay attention to the 贵族宝贝xuebuy贵族宝贝/ web site, look at the site is how to do, but our website is how to do what others can do, but we can not do this read more

Apple iPhone ten years of secret exposure Jobs initially agreed to developGrassroots entrepreneurs r

Posted in jtkfdrga on August 11th, 2017

Ding Feng, Beijing special network Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. CEO, a IT veteran for more than 20 years. With the telecommunications industry for nearly 10 years working experience, in 2008 began to lead his team to the software transformation, in the next five years, Ding Feng had done PC software, mobile terminal APP did the light application of cloud. Ding Feng and his team experienced a lot, have also gone through many detours, so this time Ding Ding want to put out their own entrepreneurial experience, good to entrepreneurs who draw some reference. read more