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first_imgÁlvaro Carillo (Murcia, 2002) is one of the great promises that Real Madrid currently has in his academy. He is a central defender, plays for Juvenil B and played in the last U-17 World Cup with Spain. He is a modern defender, who adapts to the conditions that Real Madrid usually requires: He is quick to cross and is measured in the race with almost any striker. Some fundamental virtues in a style of play like Real Madrid, with the defense always very advanced.To these conditions he adds a magnificent ball handling and good game vision. He likes to go out with the ball under control, either long, short or even cheering with conductions to overcome pressure lines and join the attack. Its good long displacement makes it unpredictable, because it has the capacity to make measured game changes. Furthermore, it is powerful in aerial play. Carrillo took his first football steps at Barnes, a team from his native Murcia. Before, his brother (seven years older) had given him his first lessons with the ball, even putting him as a goalkeeper in the free time that both brothers spent playing ball. He entered the Barnes with only five years (2007) and was until 2014, when Murcia’s interest awoke. It only lasted one season (2014-15). It was enough for Real Madrid to notice him and incorporate him into his academy. His competitive nature (he always comments that as a child he cried every time he lost to any sport) made him fit perfectly into the white philosophy. Also, He is driven by the desire to fulfill a dream, to follow in the footsteps of Sergio Ramos, his great childhood idol.When he was just six years old, an Argentine coach assured him that one day, in the distant future, he would become a professional soccer player. That prediction of that technician is getting closer to becoming reality. That future no longer seems so distant …last_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,The Alliance For Change (AFC) was never serious about tackling corruption and I have written exhaustively on this issue. In 2014, I was deemed by Mr Ramjattan to be a “rogue Councillor” because of my stance against corruption and today another AFC Councillor is being labelled as pro-PPP and a ‘rogue’ by the real rogues!He called me a “rogue councillor” simply because I moved a motion at the RDC calling for the then Opposition to support the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of Financing of Terrorism Bill. Today, Mr Gobin Harbhajan, another AFC RDC Councillor who is vociferous in exposing alleged corrupt activities on social media and at the RDC is being attacked by the corruptors within the AFC who are bent on shutting him down. The working of the nefarious Three Musketeers was highlighted on social media.It must be recalled that Mr Harbhajan at an RDC statutory meeting had made a statement to the effect that, “I don’t care which political party this contractor supports, I want this matter to be raised at the highest level; and if found guilty, he should receive the full penalty of the law; because we have been talking about corruption, now we actually have the proof”. This was in relation to the fraudulent letter of credit obtained by a top-ranking AFC official in Region 6.Again, in relation to the slashing of the Corentyne road shoulders contract valued at $120 million which was ‘awarded’ to seven AFC top-ranking members and officials, he had said that: “The road shoulder contract issue has been raised at our RDC Statutory Meeting, if this contract is not properly tendered for as was mentioned at the RDC, then I’m calling on the Ministry of Public Infrastructure to recall all contracts regarding the slashing of the road shoulders, because other contractors and persons are complaining that only one set of persons receive the contracts.” This statement is now creating gigantic pandemonium in the AFC and yet again a councillor is to be the ‘sacrificial lamb’.Moreover, it has now become the norm that at each RDC statutory meeting, some alleged corrupt act of the AFC is in the spotlight. Up until now, the alleged corruption of the CORE workers in Region Six is still not investigated and resolved. It was alleged that the Supervisor of the CORE is using the CORE workers for his personal benefit while the RDC is still not informed about the CORE workers’ job description, their number, and who they report to. In addition, alleged corruption with regard to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure’s vehicles, machinery, and materials being used to develop a park which is being built by an AFC RDC Councillor has also been the subject of much discussion. Photographs were taken with the vehicles parked at the site of the park under construction.There is also a corruption racket whereby it is alleged that a certain AFC Executive Member and a Vice Chairman of an NDC are working in cahoots with a manager of GuySuCo to ‘sell’ jobs for various sums. It seems that at every area where a corrupt dollar can be extracted, the AFC is allegedly actively involved.However, this furore becomes understandable when I analyse the reason behind the award of the $120 million contract.It is time for the AFC to be buried deep!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC CouncillorRegion 6last_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,GECOM is always functioning, and should always have mechanisms in place to hold elections at any given time, given our relatively small population.In other countries with larger populations, elections are held in a small time frame, and I am wondering if money is being spent on GEOCOM under false pretence, or the body is naturally incompetent.Immediately after the results of the no-confidence motion, GEOCOM should have already changed its gear into election mode and await orders. Instead, we see them sitting, awaiting all the running around the ruling Government is doing to prevent election, and I personally believe many within GEOCOM are undermining the process and siding with the Government to prevent election at the legally stipulated time.Because of this action and the history of incidents during elections in Guyana, there will no doubt be disturbances should things not go the way they are supposed to go. I’ve said it before and will repeat: with a Government that has not fully settled into its position, the officials have seen the benefits that come with their jobs, and based on their actions, they are not prepared to give up power that easily.Indeed, they seem more corrupt and selfish than the previous administration, and they are more obsessed with proving that they are better than the previous administration, but the fact of the matter is that they are looking more racial and incompetent; and whilst they are concentrating on that, their duties are being neglected, or mostly wrong decisions are being made.Editor, no political party could win an election by itself, and many supporters invested heavily behind this present administration, only to be disappointed. Immediately after swearing in, most of the best positions were offered to personal friends and retirees. Some were even brought back from other countries to fill positions in front of those who had remained in Guyana.Today, whilst their ability to perform is seriously lacking, money seems to be readily available for spending on them for expensive treatment overseas, as they attempt to cheat death. After elections, this present Government embarked on projects under the guise of development/helping communities, but their concentration seems to be focused mainly on one race, whilst at the same time they started to enrich themselves.Their actions have caused tremendous damage to their reputation and that of the party as a whole. Within the party, their supporters feel neglected after seeing their actions, some have even turned their backs on them, including many who voted for them, as they got upset at their actions.In many agencies, when conducting business or seeking help, you are given a royal push-around if you choose not to grease any hands. Some people cannot afford to do so, and out of utter frustration they would seek Government’s intervention or that of someone they know within the party. Interestingly, their pleas would be ignored, or they would again be pushed around or be bluntly refused help, whilst others who are closer to the rulers could be seen getting help.In Campbellville, there’s a family well known for their support to the PNCR. After the elections, they sought audience with members of the Government to resolve an issue/issues they were having. After being pushed around, they made one visit to the Leader of the Opposition, and a phone call resolved their problems. Today the Opposition Leader is being given some of the best welcome into their area, and the Government is not welcome there.Another strong party supporter spent the whole day at the Office of the President to get free overseas medical treatment for her mother, and her request didn’t stand a chance. Frustrated, she visited one former Minister of the PPPC, and with one phone call, her mother was on an aeroplane heading for her treatment.I cite these two incidents because many know of them and many other supporters are being treated in the same way. It seems as if the PPPC are more effective than them in and out of office.Finally Editor, after the elections, supporters and activists seem to be forgotten, and many either get pushed around or are being avoided. As a result, they seek audience elsewhere, and are given a much better welcome. Look at the gathering of the various political parties all over, and you will see that the PPPC have the most mixed races’ gathering to support them. Your will see now many Africans openly supporting the PPPC, and accusations about them being bought circulating, but the reality is that they are frustrated with what is taking place, and based on the facts/ evidence, by comparison, the PPPC are way better in managing Guyana.As the election mode gets around, many stats/figures would be circulated to prove the PPPC competence, and many would just glance at the information, but they should not take it lightly. One of the main propaganda points circulating concerns the increase of the minimum wage. The Chinese are seemingly the biggest employers of labour (sales reps), and most of their employees’ salaries don’t exceed forty thousand dollars a month, while their hours of work are way more than the normal working hours.Apart from the Chinese, many other places practise the same things, and with the influx of Venezuelans, advantage is blatantly being taken on employees. I know of Venezuelans being employed locally who daily have to start working from 7:00h; they take lunch at 14:00h and finish working at 18:00h, all for $2,500 per day. Their matters were reported to the authorities, but nothing seems to be arising from these matters.Similarly, expired or defective food items are easily available throughout Guyana, but this incompetent administration cannot seem to come up with a tangible plan to combat this lawlessness, and daily they are boasting of performance.If they are confident of their performance, let them call the election, don’t prolong it to put mechanisms in place for rigging.Sincerely,Sahadeo Bateslast_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,I have seen reports in the media emanating from the Department of Public Information, which purports that the Norwegian Government recently granted approval for the release of US$50M to David Granger’s unconstitutional government as the final payment from the US$250M Climate and Forest Partnership agreement signed in November 2009 between then President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, and Norway’s Minister of the Environment and International Development, Erik Solheim.This recent announcement, if accurate, raises a number of concerns.Firstly, the European Union, of which Norway is a member state, issued a joint statement with the United States and Britain (ABE) last week, calling for the restoration of constitutional rule in Guyana and the immediate naming of a date for long overdue General and Regional Elections.The ABE went on to state: “This situation comes at great cost to the people of Guyana. The prevailing political uncertainty undermines Guyanese institutions, compromises economic opportunities and delays development across all areas including infrastructure, education, health, and social services. It also hinders our ability to support Guyana’s development needs”.I therefore question whether indeed Norway has transferred the $50M to Granger’s unconstitutional government and on what basis?Editor, secondly, based on the 2009 Forest partnership pact, when Guyana achieved the set criteria in the agreement, funds are then transferred to the World Bank as the Trustee of the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund (GRIF) and it is only after the projects submitted by Guyana are approved by the Norway and Guyana government then the funds are released to the country. With this in mind, it is strange that the Government is claiming to have received the funds after the unconstitutional Minister of State of Guyana and Norway’s Minister for Climate and Environment, Mr Ola Elvestuen met on Monday in New York.Has Norway deviated from the initial mode of transfer, or is it a case where the APNU/AFC is pulling another stunt to mislead the Guyanese people into believing it still enjoys international support?I believe the Government of Norway has an obligation to clarify this matter.Yoursrespectfully,Erin Northelast_img read more

first_imgThe Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) has rejected a request from the Southeastern Legislative Caucus to postpone the 2016/2017 National County Meet until southeastern roads are fully rehabilitated to allow the teams and spectators the “freedom of movement.”The MYS said it is constrained to deny the lawmakers’ belated request because of the time, effort and resources already put into the County Meet by both the organizers (Ministries of Youth & Sports and Internal Affairs) and the other nine counties.Deputy Minister for Sports Henry B. Yonton Jr. in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer via telephone said the “necessity of the rejection is also owing to the 11 days countdown to the County Meet, of which plans for the showdown has been finalized.”Last week, the Chairman of the Southeastern Legislative Caucus, Grand Kru County District # 2 Representative Numene T.H. Bartekwa, told journalists that the roads in the Southeastern Region of the country connecting the six (6) counties and to others are impassable, thereby rendering the region virtually cut-off from the rest of country.Chairman Bartekwa, reading the joint resolution signed by Senators from the six counties, including Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Grand Kru, Maryland, River Cess and Sinoe counies, said the very bad road condition and impassability cannot permit the southeastern counties to commute their various teams and officials from county to county and later to Monrovia.“Now, therefore, we the members of the Southeastern Legislative Caucus mentioned supra, do hereby resolve the following to wit: that the 2016/2017 County Meet be postponed and extended to January 2017, of which time the dry season will enable the southeastern counties to fully participate in the activities of the County Meet; that where the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the organizers of the tournament cannot adjust the schedule of the County Meet as requested, the six (6) southeastern counties may find it difficult to participate in the 2016/2017 County Meet until the southeastern roads are fully rehabilitated to allow our people the freedom of movement.”In response, the Deputy Sports Minister Yonton said they have taken the lawmakers’ points under advisement (careful consideration or deliberation).Though he did not state what would happen if the southeastern counties failed to participate, he said that the Ministry hoped the legislators in the spirit of collaboration and unity will support their respective counties to participate in the 2016/2017 County Meet. Meanwhile, the Daily Observer has reliably learnt that Superintendents of the southeastern counties have expressed “lack of knowledge” of the joint resolution requesting for the postponement of the County Meet.A staff in the office of the Superintendent Council, who begged for anonymity, said the Superintendents are taken aback by the resolution arguing that “the Legislature is trying to tear down the sports festival designed by the Executive to promote peace, reconciliation and unity among the people.”In the meantime, the Ministry has released the draw for the 2016/2017 County Sports Meet:Group 1: Grand Cape Mount (host), Bomi, Gbarpolu and defending champions Grand Bassa counties.Group 2: Lofa County, Voinjama (host), Margibi and Bong counties.Group 3: Nimba (host), Montserrado, Sinoe and River Cess counties.Group 4: Maryland (host), Grand Gedeh, River Gee and Grand Kru counties.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_img0Shares0000For a while last year, construction workers played football on the waste ground outside rather than work on building Samara’s World Cup stadium. © AFP / Mladen ANTONOVMOSCOW, Russian Federation, Mar 31 – The grass for Russia’s perpetually delayed World Cup stadium in the provincial city of Samara is still growing in Germany.The monumental structure’s fancy glass roof has been abandoned in favour of a more spartan metal version. And the December 2017 construction deadline has been pushed back for the umpteenth time.The troubles of Samara Arena have come to symbolise the pitfalls of bringing the June 14 to July 15 football showpiece to the sleepiest corners of Russia.“There is a huge amount of work to be done,” FIFA competitions chief Colin Smith said during a March 21 inspection.“Obviously we would expect further progress than this.”– ‘Stairway to the Cosmos’ –Few doubt that Russia can get its act together and have the Volga River stadium up and working by the time its first scheduled match between Costa Rica and Serbia rolls around on June 17.But how Samara ended up without a pitch to play on less than three months before kickoff is a murky business that cost the governor his job.The contract to build a space-themed arena that looked like a flying saucer was awarded to an established regional company a good four years ago.Organisers even came up with a lofty motto for the 45,000 seater: “A Stairway to the Cosmos”.The transparent dome was supposed to stetch down to the ground through an intricate mesh of beams that lit up the city skyline at night.It was a project the likes of which no small Russian city had seen — and one meant to fit the $225 million budget fixed for all stadiums.Samara authorities complicated matters further by packing money-spinning stores and real estate space into the design that made the arena 40 percent larger than needed.Workers had downed their tools by the time it became clear in mid-2016 that all this would cost at least $300 million.Less than half of the stadium was finished and FIFA began taking notice.How much the entire thing has cost now — and who is paying for it — is not entirely clear.The local news site put the price at $315 million after the translucent dome was replaced with a metal one and other corners were cut.Delays caused by a new architectural plan and construction approval pushed back the completion date from December to March and then the end of April.The first test game is now scheduled for April 28 — if the pitch arrives in time.– ‘We need to wait’ –Russia’s agriculture ministry gave Samara special permission to buy the German grass to avoid the problems plaguing other Russian arenas.The pitch is ready but there is nowhere to lay it. The surface on which it is meant to be rolled out is not completed.Problems were only compounded when a massive flat hothouse designed to keep the soil warm collapsed in February under the weight of snow.The ground froze over for nearly a month.“We don’t yet have a pitch and obviously we need to wait for some warmer weather conditions in order to get this pitch installed,” FIFA’s Smith said.He was wearing a parka and standing in a field of snow outside the frozen stadium at the time.Temperatures are due to nudge a degree to two above freezing next week as one of Russia’s coldest winters in years begins to let up.Organisers want to stage two or three matches at each new stadium before the World Cup to see how it all holds up.“A lot depends on the weather,” Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said on Friday.“We want to hold our first test match on April 28. For the time being, we have no plans to postpone it.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

first_imgThe morning Bryant assignment was mentioned because the vivid contrast in people and events could not be greater. “That’s trivial to me,” Anzack Sr. said. He spoke without malice, not seeking pity, careful to avoid offending anyone. “I don’t go there,” he said. “It’s not in my book.” We get worked up about Bryant, about what he wants. Or doesn’t want. We get worked up about how he acts and reacts. Or how he should or should not act and react. That’s how it is in our little sports world. That’s why Red Smith, the legendary New York sportswriter, labeled it the toy department. It’s our passion. Our release. Our escape. Joe Anzack’s mind is somewhere else. Understandably. His son will be honored in the Sportswalk class with Amanda Augustus, George Brett, Walt Hazzard, Jim Obradovich, Scrappy Rhea and Reggie Smith. Augustus, from Peninsula High, was a four-time tennis All-American at Cal. Brett, from El Segundo High, is in baseball’s Hall of Fame. Hazzard led UCLA to the first of John Wooden’s 10 NCAA basketball championships. Obradovich, another former El Segundo star, was an All-American tight end at USC. Rhea coached Harbor College’s most accomplished football team. Smith was a star with the Dodgers, among other teams. They are in select company with Anzack, a former 195-pound nose guard on the South Torrance High football team. “What a good kid I had,” Anzack said. He spoke softly. The memories are beautiful. They also are hard. How does he deal with the pride and sorrow, the flood of raw emotions? “One step at a time,” he said. “I’m here to deal with my son’s memory. “This is nothing. I owe him that.” Anzack was wearing a dark green South High “SPARTANS” T-shirt. He turned around. On the back: “Anzack 52.” We sat at a picnic table at Torrance Park. Next to the baseball field, where the Torrance High baseball team was finishing a workout. Near the railroad tracks. A train rolled past. Three young ladies, students, walked home from school. A woman sat on a bench not far away. The trees. The flowers. So quiet and peaceful. Fer made it a threesome. He’s on the Sportswalk selection committee. He also is a Tillman Award winner who was a distance runner at San Pedro High, USC and the Air Force Academy. A pilot, he was a Vietnam POW. If anyone can relate to Joe Jr., he can. “What you are doing for Joe is (appreciated),” Joe Sr. said to him. “He was an average guy who was born in Torrance.” Father knows fate made his son a hero. He knows and feels deep in his bones his son was the best of the best, a comrade in arms with Tillman, and at the same time serves as representative of so many who put “their boots to the ground.” Fer looked Anzack in the eye and said of his son, “We’re lifting him up as a role model.” This is not about a President you may or may not like. It is not about a war you may or may not like. It is about a man who served his country. It is about men and women who serve their country. “You don’t want to be in war,” Anzack said. “Nobody in his right mind wants to be there. You’d rather be at the beach on a boogie board.” This does not hobble pride in a lost son. We get caught up in the Lakers, the Dodgers, the Angels and so on. We go on about how the city feels about teams. At moments like this, it is clear such thoughts are shallow at best. Anzack thinks of his son as a boy playing with slot cars, as an undersized but oh-so-determined defensive lineman who more than held his own against much larger opposing players, who earned the nickname “Psycho” from his teammates for his all-out play, who would have been proud when his dad bought the ranch where he plans to spend his “golden” years. He thinks of Joe’s sister, Casey, 16, who resisted when they moved. “She did not want to leave because of the memories,” he said. He sobbed softly without shame during the conversation. “My relationship with my daughter is more important than it ever was,” he said. Is it fair to take a father down this road of pain yet another time? “This is my duty,” he said without hesitation. “This is my honor. My Joseph. My son. My hero.” Mwsptcol@aol.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The afternoon was spent in serious, heartfelt conversation with Joe Anzack Sr. and John Fer. There was no joking. Joe Anzack Jr., formally Joseph J. Anzack Jr., will receive the Pat Tillman Award for Courage during the Sportswalk to the Waterfront induction Monday in San Pedro. It will be a posthumous presentation. Pfc. Anzack was killed in Iraq. He was 20. It was impossible not to see and think about the differences. The morning was spent tracking the latest installment of the endless Kobe Bryant soap opera. “You never know what’s going to happen,” Luke Walton joked. You know if it involves Bryant it is likely to start with frivolous and self-centered, and spiral downward from there. last_img read more

first_imgWEEKEND PREVIEW: One of Donegal’s best bands THE LOGUES are set to rock the LIVE EXPERIENCE at the PULSE VENUE this Bank Holiday Weekend.THE LOGUES are a fully live FIVE piece band who play everything from Irish/Rock/Country/Trad /Covers you name they can do it. Patrons are guaranteed a lively 2 hours filled with classic Irish traditional tunes, rock and modern pop classic with a ‘Logues twist’. 🙂In the main room we have Local DJ Dara K 7 in Living Room Paul R.Bank Holiday Sunday Special BAGATELLE:Having just announced their Final Year Tour, Irish Band BAGATELLE can certainly look back with pride on a lifetime of Achievements. 35th Anniversary Tour: Just completed!Multi Platinum Album sales!6 No. 1 Singles!Worldwide Tours: US, China, Saudia Arabia, Europe!“Summer In Dublin”: in Irish charts almost every summer since 1980“Summer In Dublin”: Voted No 3 Best Irish SongShared Stages with: Bob Marley, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy, John Denver, U2 etcWorked with: Top Producers :Gus Dudgeon, Steve Lilywhite, Nick Graham, John Etchells, Phil Coulter Etc.Honoured: Streets of New York…written by Liam Reilly, adopted & honoured by NYPD.Flights of Earls: Written by Liam Reilly , Voted one of Irelands Top 10 Best Ever Irish Emigrations Songs.And the list goes on and on! 🙂Yes, Liam Reilly & Bagatelle can certainly feel proud when they look back at just some of their Lifetime Achievements in the Irish Music Business. 🙂THE LOGUES SET TO ROCK THE PULSE VENUE THIS BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND was last modified: May 28th, 2015 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:EntertainmentFeaturesnewsThe Pulse Venuelast_img read more

first_imgA Donegal bride left her new husband blushing – after she laid down the law to him during her wedding speech.Teacher Sarah-Ann McClafferty initially had wedding guests thinking she was going to be the perfect ‘stay-at-home’ wife as she quoted the Good Housekeeping Guide 1955. But cooking, cleaning and making cupcakes were the last thing on guests’ minds when her wedding speech was finished.What happened next left new husband, Garda Damian Mulkearns, a little lost for words.To quote Sarah-Ann herself – “I hope you like your new boss.”Any brides-to-be looking for a few tips should simply click on the vide to play! DONEGAL BRIDE’S HILARIOUS WEDDING SPEECH LEAVES HUSBAND LOST FOR WORDS! was last modified: August 12th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalGarda Damian MulkearnsSarah-Ann McClaffertyWedding Speechlast_img read more

first_imgAs the nominations flow in for the 2012 Donegal Sports Star Awards a review of the month of October reveals a truly stunning list of successes achieved by individuals and teams from the county. The man of the month was without doubt Finn Valley boxer Jason Quigley who won silver at the World Championships in Kazakhstan.Another tremendous honour for Donegal was seeing two of Quigley’s fellow county men Michael Murphy and Seamus Coleman captaining their country for the first time in senior international competition. The 38th Donegal Sports Star Awards function takes place at the end of January but before that there is a huge body of work to be done by the organizing committee with the nominations deadline of Friday, November 29th now looming. Chairperson Neil Martin has thanked Donegal County Council who have come on board again to sponsor the award.The deadline for nominations for the 38th Donegal Sports Star Awards is Friday, November 29th. Nominations can be done online from the nominations page and emailed to or by completing a simple nomination form, which can be downloaded and posted to Paul McDaid, Post Office, Ramelton.Those not using on-line can simply post their nominations to Paul McDaid, Post Office, Ramelton. A brief summary only of achievements will suffice. Pictorial and DVD footage is also required. For further details visit Quigley must be a contender for this year’s awards!The Hall of Fame winner has already been chosen by the committee therefore no nominations will be accepted in this category. The Donegal Sports Star Awards presentation function takes place on Friday, January 31st in the Mount Errigal Hotel. In October Jason Quigley just lost out on gold in his final fight at the World Championships in Kazakhstan but in the space of just a week the 22-year-old had defeated Indian, Scottish, Hungarian and Russian opponents to become the first Irishman ever to take a silver medal in this competition and as a result he is now ranked number one in the world at Middleweight.Another piece of history was created in Donegal sport in October when three players from the county Michael Murphy, Seamus Coleman and Kyle-Callan McFadden captained their country in international competition. 24-year-old Murphy captained Ireland for the first time and led his side to a 57-35 victory over Australia at Breffni Park with the Glenswilly man scoring seven points in the International Rules opener. And Murphy completed a memorable week by skippering Ireland to a second victory over the Aussies at Croke Park. Paddy McBrearty and Neil McGee were also members of the side who won by 116 to 37 – a huge 101-point aggregate win.In between those two internationals and less than 24 hours after the first win over Australia Murphy produced a ‘Man of the Match’ performance scoring 1-5 as his Glenswilly side won the Donegal Senior Football Championship title for only the second time ever with a 3-19 to 2-6 win over Killybegs at McCumhaill Park. It completed the double for the Glen men in Donegal having also won the Division League title the previous weekend.25-year-old Seamus Coleman led out the Republic of Ireland for the first time in Cologne in a World Cup qualifier against Germany that ended in a 3-0 defeat for the Killybegs man. Ramelton’s Kyle-Callan McFadden captained the Republic of Ireland U-19s in a 0-0 draw with Bosnia & Herzegovina in a final UEFA Championship qualifying game in Sweden.There was a tremendous performance from the Finesse Gymnastics Display Team who won silver at the Festival of Gymnastics in London in only their second year to take part in the competition under the direction of team coach Meganne Herron and choreographer Linda Bennett. Two of the athletic highlights came on the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of the month in the Airtricity Dublin Marathon where former Letterkenny AC member Maria McCambridge was the Ladies winner while Inishowen AC’s Pauric McKinney was first home to take the National Masters title in the same race.Sam Magee’s national titleRaphoe’s Sam Magee kept the family name at the forefront in badminton with his new partner Jonathon Dolan winning the Irish Men’s Doubles title against a Slovenian pair in Baldoyle 21-12, 21-9. There was great news for Eoin Rooney a member of Nemo SC, Ballyshannon who qualified to represent Team Ulster at the Special Olympics Ireland finals in Limerick next June.At the beginning of October Bridie Lynch one of Donegal’s most successful female athletes ever received the Irish Paralympic Order the highest honour that can be given to an athlete by Paralympics Ireland for outstanding service to the sport in Ireland. Elsewhere in athletics at the beginning of the month Finn Valley’s Colin Watson and Helen Stockdale won their respectvie male and female categories at the opening Cross-Country competition of the new season staged in the Rosses.In the middle of October Natasha Adams the Lifford AC member won the Donegal Athletic Board’s Master Cross Country Championship in Castlefin. It was a very good October for Adams and her club colleague Anne-Marie McGlynn who were selected to run for Ireland following fantastic runs in the Phoenix Park at the Gerry Farnan event where Ann Marie finished fourth in the seniors while Natasha won the Masters race.The Lifford U-17 Girls team won gold at the Donegal Cross Country Championships in Castlefin; Tirconaill AC’s Daniel Gallagher won the U-17 Boys title and there was also success for Inishowen AC with team silvers in U-11 Girls, U-11 Boys and U-13 GirlsThe Lifford Men’s team took silver at the Donegal Novice Championships in Annagry. Also in Annagry the Cranford U-10 and U-12 Boys teams won gold while Molly Trearty was first home in the U-12 Girls category. Ivan Toner and Teresa McGloin won their respective male and female categories to take the honours at the New Mills 10k in Letterkenny.Boxing success for AuciuteIt was also a good month for Jason Quigley’s Finn Valley Boxing Club as Austeja Auciute won her eighth Irish title defeating Kayleigh McCormack in the 64kgs Final at the National U-22 Championships. Letterkenny BC’s Brian Elliott won a bronze while Lee Harkin of the Illies Golden Gloves took gold for Ulster in the HSK Cup in Denmark.Glengad southpaw Michael ‘Donegal Dynamite’ McLaughlin won his fourth straight professional fight 57-54 against Sergio Cabrera in Boston. Also on the same bill Buncrana boxer John Hutchinson continued his promising start to his professional career defeating American Robert Brando-Hunt 40-36.A former Donegal Sports Star Award winner 19-year-old Letterkenny lad Conor McElwaine signed for the Belgian Terra Footwear Cycling team. Conor had been a member of the Errigal Cycling Club. Quigley’s Point Darts player Charlie Grant produced the performance of his career in dumping out former World champion Andy ‘the Viking’ Fordham at the World championship qualifiers in Hull.In underage finals Naomh Conaill defeated St. Eunan’s in County U-16 Division 1. Naomh Muire won the Intermediate Championship title defeating St Naul’s at the O’Donnell Park while former St. Eunan’s player Eamonn Haran managed Sligo side Tourlestrane to the County Senior Championship title.St. Naul’s took the Intermediate Football Championship title after a 1-12 to 0-7 win over Downings in a final replay. Termon turned on a magnificent second half display to almost shock hot favourties Donaghmoyne in the Ulster Ladies Senior Football Championship Final in Clones. The Burn Road side led the Monaghan team by two points in time added on but the reigning Ulster and All-Ireland champions came back to force a replay.However, six days later in the replay Termon lost heavily 4-14 to 1-04 to the Monaghan champions. in Trillick. Also in Clones there was heartbreak for the Milford ladies side who lost by a point to Derry’s Watty Grahams in the Ulster Intermediate Football Final. Fanad Gaels clinched promotion to Division 2 by overcoming neighbours Downings in a play-off that took place in Milford.Harley triumphs in FranceIn horseracing at the end of October Trentagh’s Martin Harley had a fantastic French Group 1 victory on Tac de Boistron for new trainer Marco Botti in the Longchamp Prix Royal-Oak.In hockey three young Raphoe players Ben Wallace, Alexander Tinney and Luke Witherow helped Ulster win gold at the Sainsbury Schools Games in Sheffield.Setanta’s Danny Cullen was a member of Irish squad that played a Senior Hurling/Shinty game against Scotland at Croke Park as a curtainraiser to the International Rules game between Ireland and Australia.The Three Rivers Shotokan Karate Club had success in Dublin at the JKS Autumn Open Championships returning home with two silver and three bronze medals. There was further success for the club in Tallaght at the ONAKAI National Junior Jumite Championships. Ciaran Crawford won his first national title in the U-9 Boys section while Natasha Doherty also came home with a medal.The Ulster Karate Federation claimed a fantastic 20 medals at the WUKF European Championships in Sheffield. The cross-border club took home three gold, three silver and 12 bronze.The Inishowen Samurai Uladh Judo Club had huge success at the Irish Open Championships at the City West Hotel in Dublin.There was golds’ for Inch’s Sarah Jane Porter in the U-12 under 32kg clash and for Carndonagh’s Oisin McLaughlin in the U-14 66kg+ class. Oisin’s father Tony made it a family double winning gold in the veteran’s category. Other Inishowen medal winners included Kathleen McNaught silver U-20 and bronze adult; Samantha Weir double silver at U-16 and U-20; Michael McKay won bronze at U-20 while Manus O’Donnell won silver in a veteran’s category.Young Richard Kerr from Leitir in Kilmacrennan is making a name for himself in motorbike racing following in the footsteps of this father Ivan who starred in the sport of Moto Cross. He won the Ulster and Irish 125 Production at Kirkistown, Co. Down.Richard rounded off the season with a second place finish in the 125 Newcomers/Moto 3 race at the Sunflower Trophy Races 600cc Class at the Bishop’s Court Circuit near Downpatrick in Co. Down.McBride motorbike triumphConvoy’s Aaron McBride won the Irish Supersport Motor Cycling Cup Championship at the Sunflower Trophy Races 600cc Class at the Bishop’s Court Circuit near Downpatrick in Co. Down.In Motorsport co-driver Rory Kennedy sitting alongside Gary Jennings won the Irish Tarmac Championship after finishing second overall in the Cork 20 Rally. At the beginning of the month Damien Faulkner the Moville racing driver had two successive wins at the American Le Mans Series Oak Tree Grand Prix at the Virgina Raceway.Declan Gallagher and his co-driver Ryan Moore won the two wheel Dunlop National Rally Championship in their Toyota Starlet in Bantry, West Cork.At the start of October Peter Hutton resigned as Finn Harps manager after the win over First Division champions Athlone Town. Inishowen came from two goals down to win 4-2 against the Sligo/Leitrim League in their opening Oscar Traynor group game at Maginn Park. And there was also victory for the Donegal League who won away in RoscommonDale Gorman played in three UEFA U-19 Championship games for Northern Ireland against Belgium, France and Iceland. The former Letterkenny Rovers midfielder was named ‘Man of the Match’ after the 1-1 draw with France. Greencastle U-12s took the Plate title at the national finals in Dublin while Moville U-12s were runners-up to Glenree Utd who won the Shield section.Buncrana man Jim McConnell was re-elected on the FAI Senior Council for a 16th successive year and will also continue as Chairperson of the Domestic Committee for an eighth consecutive term. Letterkenny man John Duffy was appointed as the ‘Referee’s Observer’ for the FAI Senior Cup Final between Sligo Rovers and Drogheda Utd.Irish Junior Surfing Champion Iarom Madden from Bundoran won the men’s title at the British University Championships. He was representing University College London at the finals, which took place in Conwall.For further details on the Donegal Sports Star Awards visit or find us on Facebook at DonegalSports StarawardsQUIGLEY IS TOP MAN FOR DONEGAL SPORTS STAR OCTOBER REVIEW was last modified: November 12th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:DONEGAL SPORTS STAR AWARDSJason Quigleylast_img read more